Residential Land Development

Navigating Land Development with Confidence:

CMI brings your vision to life, drawing on our technical expertise and extensive experience with diverse development projects. With a focus on maximizing land potential and eliminating unnecessary expenditures, we efficiently navigate the design process as well as the regulations and agencies involved, charting the most direct path from the outset.

From the beginning we prioritize a deep understanding of your unique project, because the details of your site and your goals can heavily impact the design, the applicable rules, and the project schedule. We analyze site and regulatory constraints and establish effective communication with decision-makers, proactively addressing potential hurdles. We are also committed to responsive communication, ensuring that you receive prompt answers and clear updates throughout the process.

In addition to conceptual layouts and preliminary project feasibility assistance, CMI completes preliminary permit and final construction design documents for residential land development projects, including: site grading, street and storm sewer, sanitary and water main, erosion control and restoration, and landscaping plans.


home construction SITE DESIGN


Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or developer, building a new home starts with a solid foundation. CMI provides comprehensive site design for individual residential projects, ensuring all technical aspects – grading, drainage, utilities, and stormwater management – meet local regulations and properly reflect your vision. Our engineers deliver functional, cost-effective solutions that minimize land use and maximize your investment.

With expertise in the increasingly complex environmental rules affecting home construction, we collaborate with homebuilders and architects, providing comprehensive engineering support to optimize project timelines and ensure successful permit approvals. 

CMI completes preliminary permit and final construction design documents for home construction projects, including: site grading and drainage design, sanitary and water service connections, erosion control and restoration, as well as tree protection and replacement plans.


commercial / industrial / institutional 

CMI navigates the complex landscape of civil site design for commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Our regulatory and environmental expertise allows us to deliver compliant, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Through optimized layouts and efficient drainage design, we establish the foundation for high-performing facilities. We address issues of zoning, utilities, parking, and stormwater management with a systematic approach, facilitating smooth approvals and enabling you to focus on core  organizational objectives. Our comprehensive services streamline the journey from concept to completion, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Civil Methods completes preliminary permit and final construction design documents for commercial, industrial and institution projects, including: concept site layout and parking analysis, pavement design, site grading, drainage, sanitary and water service connections, erosion control and restoration, and landscaping plans.




CMI specializes in civil site design for electric utilities and cooperatives, delivering cost-effective solutions tailored to your project’s specific physical  and jurisdictional setting . We optimize layouts, drainage, and access for substations, generator pads, and related facilities, maximizing land use while efficiently addressing environmental requirements and the concerns of adjacent property owners. Through close collaboration with stakeholders and electrical engineers, we lay the groundwork for high-performing facilities compliant with all relevant regulations. Our expertise encompasses site selection, grading and earthwork, stormwater management, and permitting (including SPCC plans), ensuring a cohesive and compliant design that meets the unique needs of electric utilities and cooperatives.



construction services

Along with engineering design, CMI is your trusted partner throughout project construction. We help you to navigate the process, including assistance in construction cost estimating, contract preparation, bid solicitation and review, and contractor selection. As your representative, we handle pay request administration, shop drawing review, construction inspections, final walk-through, certification, and as-built documentation. We answer contractor questions and facilitate change order processing, keeping your project on track, cost-effective, and compliant.


expert witness & real estate services

Engineering Expertise for Litigation and Real Estate

CMI provides expert witness and real estate-focused engineering services specifically for litigation and transaction contexts. We leverage our deep understanding of regulations and policies to analyze technical issues arising from disputes and property matters. We provide thorough investigations, comprehensive reports, and persuasive testimony applicable to the specific requirements of your case or transaction.

Technical expertise alone is insufficient. At CMI, we translate complex engineering concepts into clear, concise, and logical narratives. Our reports resonate with legal professionals and lay audiences alike, effectively communicating the technical underpinnings of your case or transaction. Whether delivering expert witness testimony in the courtroom or providing insightful reports for real estate transactions, we ensure our communication is precise, impactful, and aligned with your  goals.