stormwater management & bmp design

CMI delivers technically grounded stormwater management and BMP design services for individual residences, associations, large developments, and government agencies. Projects range in size from a simple site visit and recommendation, to advanced flow quantity and quality modeling to craft a comprehensive surface water strategy.  Our work is based on your specific goal, be it regulatory compliance, pollution mitigation (including phosphorus and nitrate reduction), flood control, or erosion control.

Our comprehensive services equip you for success, from initial analysis and detailed design to construction oversight and seamless collaboration with other engineering firms. We specialize in designing resilient and adaptable BMPs, including stormwater ponds, rain gardens, underground stormwater storage, infiltration basins, and other facilities aimed at addressing stormwater flow volume, rate, and quality concerns.

CMI’s proven expertise helps you navigate stormwater challenges with confidence, ensuring regulatory compliance, environmental protection, and project success.


hydrologic & hydraulic modeling


CMI is a leader in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, with unparalleled expertise in the region. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of industry-standard programs like SWMM, HEC‑RAS, HydroCAD, and more, we deliver robust modeling solutions for diverse applications including stormwater management, flood elevation determination, riverine and floodplain analysis, storm sewer and culvert design, and litigation support.


floodplain analysis / mapping

Leveraging our hydrologic and hydraulic modeling expertise, CMI delivers accurate and comprehensive floodplain analyses and mapping for diverse clients. We assess flood levels and floodplain footprints for individual properties, lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and entire riverine systems. Our services cater to a wide range of stakeholders, including homeowners, developers, and government agencies needing to establish low floor elevations, understand existing floodplain conditions, or support FEMA floodplain submittals like LOMAs, LOMRs, and LOMR-Fs. For details on permitting assistance, please visit our environmental permitting section.




pump system design / analysis


We excel in engineering efficient and reliable pumping systems for diverse applications. From ensuring uninterrupted wastewater flow during sewer rehabilitation to designing sanitary lift stations and auxiliary pumps for dewatering or temporary water supply, CMI leverages in-depth hydraulic analysis to deliver optimal solutions that meet your project’s specific needs, code compliance, and cost-effectiveness.



drainage / sewer infrastructure

Unique challenges and specific requirements frequently arise with drainage and sewer infrastructure. Our team possesses specialized expertise in calculations, design, and certifications for projects across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. We have the depth of knowledge required to handle complex hydraulics and other analyses, ensuring we address both technical and regulatory considerations for your property drainage needs, including low area/flood discharge, ditch conveyance, driveway culverts, or complete storm sewer systems. CMI also frequently assists utility contractors requiring calculations and design certification for CIPP pipe rehabilitation, sanitary bypass systems, dewatering plans, and other applications.


shoreline / slope stabilization


We deliver resilient and enduring shoreline and slope stabilization solutions for challenging environments. Our analysis and design process accounts for diverse  stabilization methodologies, including both bioengineering and conventional hard-armoring techniques. This enables us to optimize both stability and aesthetics for riverbanks, lakefronts, and properties with problematic slopes. We leverage our extensive knowledge of geotechnical and hydrological forces to design sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Our experienced team navigates the complexities of regulatory permitting, mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth project execution.


BMP Inspection / Infiltration Testing

Watershed agencies and cities are placing growing emphasis on inspection and infiltration testing of stormwater BMPs. We utilize our extensive knowledge in stormwater treatment and infiltration design to deliver inspection and infiltration testing services that satisfy agency requirements and guarantee proper hydrological function. Our inspection process examines inlets, outlets, vegetation health, sediment buildup, and other system components, and our double-ring infiltrometer testing provides accurate data on your system’s infiltration capacity. Our clear and concise reports effectively communicate any identified issues and facilitate agency approval.