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Our team members have designed numerous stormwater control and treatment facilities, and have performed hydrologic, hydraulic and pollutant loading analyses in support of a wide variety of water quality enhancement and flood reduction initiatives.  From small-scale feasibility reports for industrial facility BMP retrofits, to full construction bidding documents for city and agency projects, our staff is capable of filling a range of engineering needs.

Typical Services:

Drainage Improvements & Flood Prevention

Stormwater Conveyance Design & Modeling

Floodplain & Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modeling (XP-SWMM, HydroCAD, HEC-RAS, etc.)

Nutrient/Pollutant Load Modeling (WinSLAMM, P8, SWAT, BATHTUB, BASINS, HSPF, CONCEPTS, etc.)

Shoreline Restoration & Rehabilitation

Rain Gardens, Bioretention Areas, Media Filters

Porous Pavements

Stormwater Harvesting & Reuse

Proprietary Treatment Device Selection & Design Verification

Underground Storage

Pump Stations & Bypass Pumping

Hydraulic Control Structures

Fish Barriers

Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTWs)

Soil Characterization & Infiltration Verification

Erosion & Sediment Control / SWPPP Development

Wetland Delineation & Permit Acquisition