Channel Stabilization & Shoreland Restoration

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Any restoration or stabilization of an eroded area must begin with a diligent assessment of the processes causing the failure.  When the underlying factors are not well understood, any constructed improvements are likely to fail prematurely; or worse, the problem may be transferred to another location.


An incomplete planning protocol for restoration and stabilization of failing slopes can lead to wasted time and money, and in the worst cases can lead to dangerous situations or injury.  Civil Methods’ engineers have the expertise to analyze each unique site, and understand that successful restoration begins with identification of all project goals and a complete assessment of the root causes.

Typical Services:

Scour Analysis

Retaining Wall Selection & Design

Slope Failure Analysis

Soil Bioengineering Design

Proprietary Device Assessment & Selection

Channel Remeandering

Bridge & Culvert Hydraulic Analysis

Weir Structure & Vane Design

Drop Structures